28 Dec

Most store owners know that point of sales material helps to increase the impulse buys made by retail buyers in most industries. POS materials attract these impulse buys when the customer is waiting in line at the checkout counter or waiting for their turn at a reception area, and in these places they are lured or attracted to advertising they see around and small, attractive products that cause them to buy on impulse.

The value per sale from clients is increased because of point of sales signage showing its importance. If you have attractive well placed point of sale material it increases the difference between up selling the client at point of purchase. 

Even the retail signs that you put to make clients enter your store is point of sale. Sale signs, frame sign, neon led lights, banner flags, and other eye catching street t side items are also included in point of sale signs. If your store has passing traffic, then all these signs can help customer find your store and enter it. These signs are meant to encourage the passerby to enter your store. Learn More!

The types of signs that fit this category are the A frame signs and LED lights. Their popularity are dependent on many reasons. You can easily change A frame signs to suit what you have for the day or seasonal advertisements. They may be a simple blackboard, magnetic or have plastic letters which make it easy to write a new advertisement. To read more about the benefits of point of sale displays, go to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Packaging_and_labeling#History.

LED lights are particularly effective in the nighttime. You can use LED lights in many ways like scrolling lights for longer messages, flashing lights to catch human eye, or rotating signs to get different message across. These are very popular with indoor shopping centers to add a point of difference.

Inside the stores you can use different types of brochures, magazines, flyer holders, and many other types of display material. The best thing to do is to look at the type of point of sale materials you would like to offer and buy your point of sale display based on that. Material should only come after you hae decide on what you want for your store. Buying from an experienced point of sale distributor will give you a better chance of getting sensible advise that can save you both time and money.  Most point of sales retailers will stock all you need for pricing, ticketing such as price ticket or food ticketing, brochure holders, blackboards, whiteboards, banners, bags, competition boxes, shelf stripping and much more. It is important to think about what messages you need to get across and choose the point of sale displays that suit your purpose. Talk to your supplier about what you want to achieve and they will be able to suggest items to get this message across, or recommend products to display the promotional material you want to offer effectively. Learn More!

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