The Benefits Of Point Of Sales Displays

28 Dec

The techniques used by retail marketers in luring customers to buy products have already been tried and tested through the many years of experience and knowledge.  When customers are inside a store, retailers have already studied their behavior such that they know at which points in their shopping journey touch points can be used in order to trigger an emotional reaction, and this is how retailers make the most of this shopping environment.  Almost all retail stores all over the world are aware of these point of sale trigger points where they put their display stands so that customers who see it will be emotionally encouraged to buy the items upon impulse.  There are point of sales displays that are more effective than others.  Here are some of the most popular point of sale display units that are used in everyday stores.

Free standing display units or Ravenshoe Packaging are placed around shops at key points in the customer journey and are particularly useful for promoting short term offers and limited edition products. These displays are free standing for ease of putting up and removing during the promotion period and when it is completed, and this type of display can be placed anywhere in the store.  The display design itself can easily catch the attention of customers.  Sometimes these free standing displays are place in store entrances so that it will be the first thing the customer sees, or at other times they are placed at aisle ends since this is where customer expect to see offers.

The countertop display units or CDU are placed on countertops so that just before customers pay, they will be encouraged to impulse buy the products on display. Most items in CDUS are small items but there are also a lot of items here that customers can pick from. CDUs are often designed in an original and eye-catching way. Display items on CDUs are made of cut outs and they have a strong branding to alert customers to the products they usually buy like chewing gum and chocolates.

Wobblers are another point of sales display unit which are place at supermarket shelf level so that customers would want to buy impulsively. If you want to trigger an emotional response from your customers then the display can be something where you offer them something or you simply want to inspire them.  You can cross sell products using a wobblers standing in front of a product like burgers and telling customers not to forget the buns. To read more about the benefits of point of sale displays, go to

There are many more POS items of offer to retailer, and they are becoming more creative and strategic as shoppers in turn become increasingly savvy.  Leading retailers and POS agencies try new ideas on what triggers a buying response from customers and from there create theater within the stores for people to buy their products. Click Here!

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